Montana Public Lands Council discusses issues at Convention

Montana Stockgrowers Collegiate memberSee more blog coverage from the 129th Annual Stockgrowers Convention by clicking here.

By Kelsey Haughian, Montana State University Collegiate Stockgrower member. 

The 129th annual MSGA Convention and Trade Show kicked off Thursday with numerous committee meetings and workshops at the Holiday Inn and Convention center in Billings. Thus far the member turnout has been outstanding.  Members had the opportunity to weigh in on the Montana  Public Lands Council Annual Meeting, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Workshop and Membership Development & Services Committee meeting to name a few.

I was fortunate to attend the Montana Public Lands Council’s annual meeting held yesterday morning. It was great to see such a dedicated group of individuals from different areas of the state show up and voice their opinion. The diverse perspectives made for valuable and informative sessions with attendees ranging from collegiate members to veteran producers.

The Public Lands Council discussed issues ranging from sage grouse to forest fires to Confederate Salish Kootenai Tribal water rights. People stepped up to the podium to voice their opinion on topics that hit home for them. Topics that were discussed can directly affect ranchers; therefor it was and is, pertinent that their voices be heard.

MSGA’s annual convention is a place for people to come together to make sure congressional policy is in the best interest of the people who live and work in the industry day in and day out.



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