Montana Ranchers are Role Models

Montana Young Stockgrowers Walker Milhoan Convention

See more blog coverage from the 129th Annual Stockgrowers Convention by clicking here.

By Walker Milhoan, Collegiate Stockgrowers member, University of Montana

The 129th annual Montana Stockgrowers Convention was wonderful this year and the connections and friends I have been in contact with are a constant reminder to me of why I choose to fulfill my career goals within Montana’s ranching industry.

In America today, a 33 year-old male would most likely idolize an NFL star with a sleek physique and a multi-year, multimillion dollar contract. But not this guy. My heroes certainly don’t have chiseled six packs under their button down shirts, their hair is grey, their faces are weathered, and if you were to walk down main street in Billings, Montana and mention their names, people would most likely have to navigate to the third page of Google to find any information about who they are.

These are Americas ranchers; individuals who manage some of the most complex businesses in the world, on some of the most beautiful, yet harsh landscapes known to man. Men like Ray Marxer, Wayne Fahsholtz, and Steve Roth are in charge of keeping extremely complex landscapes running like a Swiss Watch and they do it with the utmost integrity, honor and dedication to the environment, the livestock, and the people.

America should be very proud to have land stewards like this in charge of their food supply!



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