Zoetis Cattlemen’s College offers ranchers interactive learning

Collegiate Montana Stockgrowers MSU Northern Convention

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By Hollyn Cardani and Kaleb Fisher, Montana State University – Northern Collegiate Stockgrowers members.

Friday at the Stockgrowers Convention the MSU-Northern Collegiate Stockgrowers group attended the Zoetis Cattlemen’s college workshop, “Zoetis Ranch.” Out of all the workshops we have attended throughout the week, this one was by far the most interactive.

A few of things Larry and Dan taught our group was about “Progeny Equivalents are used to describe the amount of effect that DNA analysis has on EPD accuracy. To achieve a comparable amount of EPD predictability and accuracy, an Angus animal would have to have the following amount of actual progeny (calves) performance information recorded and submitted.”

Also we played a game where we got put into groups and had to play three separate breeding and marketing seasons with different priorities. In the game we had five different bulls to choose from with all different qualities. The first season you had to purchase two bulls so the first season you wanted to pick the two bulls that would produce the best weaning weight.

After the first year you could either sell your two bulls and buy two new ones or keep the ones that you had already in season one but for the second year you wanted the highest Yearling Weight. So after the second year the goal was to purchase the best two bulls that would produce the best Dollar Beef when there are going to be marketed.

The Cattlemen’s College workshops are a great opportunity for ranchers interactive learning with tools available in the industry today. It is definitely a great way to learn how to apply those tools in their own businesses.

Zoetis Cattlemens College Montana Stockgrowers Convention



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