2014 Election Results for Montana

The votes are in and final ballots are being counted for the 2014 election. Across the country, Republicans gained several seats over Democrats, even in traditionally Blue states. Republicans will now have the majority in both Senate and House, with Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell expected to take on the role of Senate Majority Leader.

Locally in Montana, Republican Party candidates did well in the election, gaining the Senate and House seats. Daines will be the first Republican to serve as U.S. Senator from Montana in 101 years. Below are results from the Secretary of State’s office with 692 of 693 precincts fully reported this morning. To view complete local results, go to electionresults.sos.mt.gov. Results are not considered complete and final until final canvass is certified by the Secretary of State.

Congratulations to our winners-elect. MSGA looks forward to working with newly elected officials on issues important to Montana’s ranching communities.

United States Senator

  • Steve Daines (R) – 57.89%
  • Amanda Curtis (D) – 39.97%

United States Representative

  • Ryan Zinke (R) – 55.47%
  • John Lewis (D) – 40.35%

State Supreme Court Justice #1

  • Jim Rice – 78.33%
  • David Herbert – 21.56%

State Supreme Court Justice #2

  • Mike Wheat – 59.07%
  • Lawrence Vandyke – 40.85%

Public Service Commissioner, District 5

  • Brad Johnson (R) – 61.06%
  • Galen Hollenbaugh (D) – 38.94%

Ballot Issues

  • Constitutional Amendment No. 45 (State Auditor)
    • No – 51.60%
    • Yes – 48.40%
  • Constitutional Amendment No. 126 (Voter Registration)
    • No – 56.82%
    • Yes – 43.18%

To see State House election results, click here.

Montana State House Results 2014

To see State Senate election results, click here.

Montana State Senate Results 2014


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