Montana Registered Dietitian Interns see Beef from Pasture to Plate

Registerd Dietitian Interns Beef TourThe Montana Beef Council recently hosted another successful pasture to plate tour for nearly twenty students pursuing a career as a Registered Dietitian. The tour was conducted in Nye, Montana with local rancher Noel Keogh where the attendees were able to experience first-hand where and how beef is raised.

This year’s tour began at the ranch headquarters where Keogh explained his family ranching operation and the history of the area to the interns to help them understand the importance of agriculture and specifically beef production.

“As a rancher it is important for me to share my story and help consumers understand where their food comes from,” said Keogh.

Throughout the tour the interns not only had the opportunity to see cattle and horses, but also shipping facilities, rangeland and more. Keogh shared his passion for plant identification as he described different forages and explained their nutritional value. While hiking around the ranch the interns learned about the entire beef cycle and that cattle spend the majority of their lives on pasture. Keogh thoroughly detailed the value of natural resources and how, as a rancher, it is important to maintain a healthy partnership with the land in order to be a good steward and remain a viable ranching operation.

“Ranching is sustainable. Your ranch doesn’t get to be one hundred years old without taking good care of the land and livestock,” Keogh said.

Following a healthy beef lunch, the interns heard from Montana Beef Council’s Registered Dietitian Lisa Murray. Murray explained the nutritional benefits of beef and helped the health professionals understand how beef can be part of a healthy lifestyle. The beef checkoff-funded study, Beef in and Optimal Lean Diet, was a focal part of the presentation to provide the interns with sound, science-based information.

“Providing these health professionals with accurate information and a first-hand experience enables them to feel confident when recommending beef to their patients and clients,” said Murray.

To complete the day, the interns were engaged in a media training workshop conducted by Daren Williams, Senior Executive Director of Communications for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the beef checkoff. During the workshop the interns learned valuable information for conducting a successful media interview and then put their skills to work for an on-camera interview about beef-related topics.

The Montana Beef Council is organized to protect and increase demand for beef and beef products through state, national and international consumer marketing programs including promotion, education and research, thereby enhancing profit opportunities for Montana beef producers. For more information, contact Chaley Harney at (406) 656-3336 or


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