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Beef Briefs Consumer Confidence Beef Quality AssuranceDid you know …

… your Beef Checkoff Program helps build consumer confidence?

Today’s consumers want to know more about how their food was raised, and the checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program can be a positive influence in sharing with consumers how cattlemen and women provide the best care possible for their cattle. BQA is based on sound management practices developed from years of practical experience and research and helps beef producers raise safe, high-quality beef.

The BQA program focuses on education and training and can help enhance carcass values by reducing animal illnesses and treatment. BQA practices, such as safe handling techniques, help reduce stress and bruising, which aids in producing quality beef and can directly impact producers’ bottom lines.

BQA training encompasses animal health, handling, record keeping, nutrition and general animal care that improve beef products and help maintain consumer confidence in the sound production practices endorsed by the cattle industry.

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Beef Briefs is your monthly snapshot of beef checkoff news affecting the beef and dairy industries.
Provided by the great folks at the Montana Beef Council.

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