REEF Supports Collegiate Trip to JBS, NCBA Offices, National Western

Montana State University Collegiate StockgrowersInstead of spending winter break watching TV, the Collegiate Stockgrowers clubs (CSG) of Montana organized a tour to learn more about the beef industry. Several CSG members drove to Denver to learn more about the next step in the beef production supply chain.

“Most of our club members have a cow-calf background. They sell their calves off when the time is right and start the process again. Ultimately, they don’t know too much about where those calves go next,” said John Henry Beardsley, president of the Collegiate Stockgrowers at Montana State University.

This trip offered the opportunity to find out what that next step is all about. The group toured JBS headquarters, along with Five Rivers feedlots. “Feedlots are looking for specific qualities and it was interesting to learn more about what we can do on the cow-calf end to help,” said Beardsley.

Montana Stockgrowers Research and Education Endowment FoundationA visit to the feedlots wasn’t the only destination on the trip. The group then visited the office of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) to learn about how the organization works to promote beef on a national level, implement producer education programs, and tackle policy issues in Washington, D.C. “I never realized just how much NCBA does for us. It was great to learn more about them,” said Steel Anderson of Livingston, Montana.

Finally, the group ended up at the Stockyards to check out all the show cattle and sales at the National Western Stock Show. “Overall, the trip was a huge benefit to everyone. It showed us what happens outside of Montana, along with shedding new light on the endless opportunities in the agriculture industry,” said Beardsley.

The Montana Stockgrowers Association’s Research & Education Endowment Foundation helped fund this trip to Denver. This type of learning opportunity is just one of the ways the Foundation is helping the next generation of Montana ranchers.

“Beef industry education and leadership development are a priority of the Foundation,” said Dusty Hahn, foundation chairmain. Please consider a donation to the Foundation to help us continue funding our future.

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