MSU-Northern Collegiate Stockgrowers Update

MSGA Collegiate Stockgrowers Montana State Northern HavreIt’s hard to believe that MSU Northern’s Collegiate Stockgrowers is already a year old and still going strong. Our group of MSU Northern students is still young and learning the ropes but we’re eager and ambitious.

Laramie Pursley from Chinook, MT started the group and has guided it well throughout the past year, with the help of course from some senior Stockgrowers associates: Lauren Chase and Karoline Rose. They have helped by encouraging our officers to pull in new members at every meeting, educating them on the continued benefits of being involved in the agricultural community, and also encouraging us all to make a presence at the many Stockgrower events throughout the year. The annual convention in Billings this year provided our group with such an amazing learning experience. Not only were the workshops more than what we imagined, we also had the privilege of sitting next to ranchers from all over the state of MT. In addition, we had the opportunity of having Temple Grandin come into our small town of Havre on a very snowy Montana day for the annual Cabin Fever days. Our small group was able to assist the event as best as possible, as well as be enlightened by her cattle handling speech. The trip to Denver was another success where a few of us were able to take a tour of the JBS Beef Facility, 5 river feedlot, NCBA Office, Denver Stock-show and more. Laramie and Jaylee had a fantastic time and had an experience they will never forget.

Then in January our very own Laramie Pursley was crowned Miss Rodeo Montana thus spurring re-election due to her strenuous schedule. Our previous meeting decided the 2014 Officers as follows: Hollyn Cardani as President, John Jansen as Vice President and Jaylee Berg as Secretary/Treasurer.

The first meeting after re-elections on Feb 7th , Hollyn was able to find a guest speaker for our members. The guest speaker was Kim Peterson of “Peterson Grain & cattle” from north of Havre. Kim and his family run a registered Black Angus herd, as well as having an annual bull sale in April. The Peterson family farm/ranch raise wheat, barley, peas and enough forage and grass to support their registered Angus cattle herd. Kim talked to us about what he thought was the most important aspects for the young agricultural generations to know.

Also, at that meeting everyone that is currently in the Mentorship program, started by Lauren Chase, spoke about their experiences so far with their mentors. The four of us that are involved, (Zack McKinley, Laramie Pursley, Kaleb Fisher and Hollyn Cardani), are so very lucky to have had this great opportunity to gain knowledge from these seasoned ranchers across Montana. With calving season just beginning for some, we have scheduled a tour of the Northern Agricultural Research Center up here in Havre during their calving season in March.

The support that our Collegiate Stockgrowers group has had is amazing. Many past Northern Alumni have said how they wished they would have had the chance to have been in a Collegiate Stockgrowers club. With that being said, our group is extremely excited to have the opportunities that come with being involved with Collegiate Stockgrowers and are looking forward to what the future holds for us!


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