Montana Beef Ambassador Contest – March 26

Montana Beef AmbassadorsThe National Beef Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for youth to get involved in advocacy on a national scale and to connect with consumers as they travel across the country sharing the message of the hard work ranchers put in to raise great beef products. Montana has had some great Ambassadors over the years and sent some great representatives to the National competitions as we featured on the blog last Fall (click here for that story).

The 2014 Montana Beef Ambassador Competition is coming up this month and we would love to see a great turn out for this year’s competition. If you are between the ages of 17, but not over the age of 20 by Sept. 1st, and feel motivated to tell your story about the Beef Industry, then you would be a great candidate to compete for the title of Montana Beef Ambassador 2014.

The MSU Collegiate CattleWomen will be hosting the Montana Beef Ambassador Contest at the Trades and Industry building, Great Falls Fair Grounds, on Wednesday March 26, 2014. You will be asked to give a Consumer Presentation, and a media interview.

Consumer Presentation, you will choose from assorted informational pamphlets to help you do this and the setting will be you as a vendor at a trade show promoting Beef.

Media Interview: Be able to discuss current issues affecting our beef industry today and how the National Beef Ambassador Contest is important.

By winning the state contest, you qualify to go to the National Contest and compete to be a National Beef Ambassador. For more rules and regulations go  to or contact Your local Extension office also has the entry forms. The deadline for registration will be March 14, 2014.


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