Montana Rancher Feature: When Wildfire Takes Over

Map via KXLH

Map via KXLH

Montana Stockgrowers Association‘s members are no strangers to Mother Nature and are subject to floods, fires, storms, and much more during the year. In 2012, southeast Montana experienced severe wildfire damage. In this video, Marian Hanson of Ashland explains how the Ash Creek Fire Complex affected her ranch and how they plan to move on. This video is part of the Montana Family Ranching Project.

Even though Marian, along with many other Montana ranchers, experienced devastating losses from the fire, the persevering spirit helped them to overcome the tragedy and start again. Nearly a year and a half has passed and every day, these ranchers are still reminded of what happened…whether it’s having to rebuild fence, seek financial assistance, or simply compare stories from the event with neighbors. Ash Creek Montana Fire Burns Ranches

Marian and her daughter Jackie Musgrove will be featured in the Montana Stockgrowers second volume of the Montana Family Ranching Series coffee table book: Ladies and Livestock. This book will be released in digital format for the iPad. Be checking back for details of its release. Please email Lauren for more information:

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