Montana CattleWomen stayed busy in 2013

Montana CattleWomen LogoBy Wanda Pinnow, MCW President

Montana CattleWomen started the year out with attending the Ag Day at the Hill in our Capital, Helena. We helped furnish the Luncheon for the Senators and Congressmen and had a table explaining how we educate the people of our State. In April the collegiate CattleWomen helped us to hold the MT Beef Ambassador contest where we selected Allie Nelson as our senior delegate and Elizabeth Armstrong as our junior delegate. As a money maker Allie designed two styles of t-shirts. The most popular one was “Real Women Eat Beef”. The Ambassadors did many consumer presentations throughout the summer months. Both traveled to Springdale to compete in the National competition.

In June, each local CattleWoman was given the material to start presenting the Beef by-product program (Wow the Cow) in schools. As President I am encouraging our members to volunteer time in the schools by reading in the classroom. A list of Ag related books were given to each local as a reference.

The Montana CattleWomen work very closely with their state Beef Council. We do consumer presentations together. MCW applies for and receives Project funding dollars to help cover the expenses of our programs. We have the Crock of Beef; which teaches Families who are on government assistance, how to prepare a meal using beef. There is 3rd grade cheeseburger program, the 7th – 12th grade Beef Education program. The State Beef Cookoff, the MCW leadership training program, the Beef Ambassador program, and the Project Funding program, helps locals fund events throughout the State. Our MCW put in many hours and drive many miles to educate, promote beef, and youth develop in our Beef community throughout our State.

For any information about MCW check out our web site we are on Facebook also. Email Wanda at


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