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As you heard at MSGA’s Annual Convention, we are very excited to be promoting Montana ranching families through social media. Not only are we able to reach beef consumers, but also we are able to provide our members with up-to-date information on issues, events, features and much more. You get the news as it happens! You meet other ranchers in our state through our photo and video features. We have many social media platforms and groups you can be a part of online.

We understand this can all be confusing and perhaps, overwhelming. In this article, I will list all the ways you can find us, interact with us, and share your thoughts…finding the outlet that’s right for you:

First, let’s briefly cover what each platform offers:

  • Facebook – Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site, allowing you to connect with family and friends. The user-friendly tools allow for you to share status updates, photos and videos with a few clicks.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a real-time update site that allows users to share and receive 140 characters of information in “tweets.” This platform is a good way to reach new networks by using “hashtags” which are keywords.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is organizational site that allows users to categorize their visuals and links in folders or “boards.” With all the great imagery on ranches, this site is a good way to show ranch life to those in your networks.
  • WordPress  – WordPress is a site that hosts blogs. A blog is a way to share more information, photos, and embedded videos. It is essentially your own way to publish articles. MSGA uses its blog site to share features, explanation of programs and issues updates.

 Montana Stockgrowers Association:

Montana Stockgrowers Association’s Foundation:

Are you on social media? Be sure to let us know where to connect with you!


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