Montana Ranchers’ Thanksgiving 2013

By Lauren Chase for the Montana Stockgrowers Association and Foundation

Montana’s ranch families would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. As we prepared for this celebration, we asked some Montana ranchers what they are thankful for. Below is a compilation of their responses.

As the MSGA and the Foundation, we are grateful for our members who work day in and day out to provide the world with safe, healthy, environmentally wholesome beef to the world. Each one of you are gems to the industry and we are thankful that you let us represent you. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanksgiving 2013 - Janet Goggins Endecott

Thanksgiving 2013 - Bob MortonThanksgiving 2013 - Heather Quigley

Thanksgiving 2013 - Billie Jo Holzer

Thanksgiving 2013Thanksgiving 2013 - Terlene KellerThanksgiving 2013 - Maggie Nutter

Thanksgiving 2013 - Austin Swanson Thanksgiving 2013 - Bree Swanson



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