#SocialBeef Workshop at Idaho Cattle Convention

SocialBeef Media Workshop Idaho Montana Stockgrowers

Why should ranchers be on social media? Lauren and Ryan address that question in their #SocialBeef Workshops.

Last week we had the opportunity to spend a few days working with our neighbor’s to the South at the Idaho Cattle Association’s annual convention. Ryan and Lauren conducted a workshop on the use of social media as a part of our ranches’ business strategies and as an avenue for connecting with consumers who want to learn more about raising beef cattle.

We had a great turn out at the workshops on Monday and Tuesday and took the opportunity to ask a few attendees how they utilize social media to reach out to consumers and engage in conversations about how beef cattle are raised.

On the trip home, Lauren ran into a “BIG” fan of farmers and ranchers. Be sure to check back tomorrow for her exciting story of how easy and rewarding it can be to engage in conversations about agriculture even when it may be outside your comfort zone.

Lauren does a great job during our workshops emphasizing how well imagery works when communicating our messages on social media. Farms and ranches are very visual, so this makes an easy place to get started whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Ranchers Networking Annual Convention Idaho

Trade shows and conventions are a great networking opportunity to meet with others in the beef cattle community and stay on top of current events.

We’re looking for your stories of utilizing social media to reach out to consumers and promote your business. If you’re online, be sure to connect with Montana Stockgrowers on our many social media channels.

Lauren and Ryan will be conducting a similar workshop on using social media at the 2013 MSGA annual convention, Saturday, December 14. Be sure to check out the schedule and register today!


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