Mentorship Program Applications

Montana Stockgrowers Mentorship programAs the average age of our ranching community grows older, opportunities for younger generations to learn valuable skills become increasingly important. One of the best avenues for younger ranchers to gain insight is through mentorship experiences. To facilitate this, MSGA is launching a Mentorship Program to pair a member of the Collegiate and Young Stockgrowers with a mentor in a similar field within the Montana beef industry. Mentor groups will be expected to communicate periodically and meet in person throughout the year. The hope is to build informal relationships where young producers can develop life skills and learning opportunities through one-on-one interactions with mentors.

Program Expectations

Participants in the program will interact and grow through meeting a series of expectations:

**Communicate though social media, telephone, or email
**CSG/YSG member should have a list of goals and discuss them with the mentor
**Meet in person at an event (MSGA convention, industry event in the area, etc)
**Organize one visit during the year — on the mentor’s ranch or business
**Answer survey questions every three months as a progress report
**Complete a reflection at the end of the year discussing what each other learned, how having a mentor/mentee benefits the beef industry, and a brief overview of interactions

Participants in the Mentorship program will be recognized at the annual convention upon completion.

To learn more about the program. contact Lauren Chase at the MSGA office, or by email ( Complete the application below or download by clicking hereApplications are due by November 1, 2013.

Applications can be filled out here.


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