BQA Twilight Trainings full speed ahead

The first Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Twilight Training sessions of the spring are underway. The Twilight Training sessions are funded in part with a grant from the Montana Beef Council and are conducted by the Montana BQA team.

The community-based Twilight sessions generally run from 4:00-7:30 p.m. and include low-stress cattle handling demonstrations, chute-side cattle treatment and animal care discussions, and an industry update. They include a free dinner and attending producers can become BQA certified. Hosts also have the opportunity to conduct pre-Twilight session tours of their operations.

BQA Twilight Trainings scheduled to date are:
-April 21 – Miles City Livestock Auction, Miles City
-April 29 – Three Peaks Ranch, Pray
-May 6 – Dean Welch Ranch, Roy
-May 12 – Headwaters Livestock Auction, Three Forks
-June 4 – Rein/Indreland Ranches, Big Timber
-June 10 – MSGA Mid-Year Convention, Dillon
-Aug. 12 – Blackfeet Extension Service, Browning

We still have open dates through the summer and fall. Host operations can be ranches, feedlots, livestock markets or a combination of hosts including ranches and local livestock associations and county Extension programs.

In addition to the Beef Council funding for these events, Tim Evans, Billings, ruminant account manager for Novus International, Inc., has again committed funds to help support BQA programming in Montana. Stockman Bank and various local lending institutions are also committed to co-sponsoring the Twilight Trainings this year. Contact Rose Malisani at MSGA (406) 442-3420, or Clint Peck (406) 671-0851, for information on the BQA Twilight Trainings. There’s still time to schedule a Twilight Training in your community.


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