News from first day at Montana Legislature, 111th Congress convenes today

Here are some headlines after the first day of the 2009 Montana Legislature:

Montana lawmakers lay out agendas for 2009 legislative session
Parties agree budget top priority
Schweitzer praises Dixon, pillories lobbyists
MT GOP asserts its message
Swearing-in ceremony includes bit of history
Legislature opens with partisanship
Augare focuses on low-income folks
‘New day’ for Natives, education: Juneau takes helm as superintendent of public education
Opinion: Thanks in advance to lawmakers for a smoother session
Opinion: State inaugural ceremony just right
Bison groups protest at inauguration

Be sure to check out the new blog run by the 2009 Legislative Republicans, the Rotunda Report, for some behind the scenes information on the Legislative Session.

Also, today the first session of the 111th Congress officially convenes. Here are some headlines:

Economy, Obama response face new Congress
New Congress Meets Today with Ambitious Agenda


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